Test Prep Tutor


Wes is a graduate research assistant at Texas Tech University. He earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Civil Engineering at Texas Tech, and recently completed a doctoral degree in Civil Engineering. Wes has won a number of awards for his performance as a student and researcher. 

Wes is passionate about education, and began teaching courses at Texas Tech University in spring 2013. He was accepted into a highly exclusive fellowship for graduate instructors in fall 2013 and applied those skills to improve his teaching abilities, earning extremely high instructor evaluations. His capable teaching skills earned him a position as a teaching consultant, whereby he provided training and mentorship to other graduate instructors. Wes views both education and research as integral parts to a whole, and as such, he works to integrate the two topics whenever possible. He not only empowers students as a tutor and mentor, but also helps them achieve their test prep and academic goals.